Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a rockstar in your family? Have you ever imagined marrying a rock star? The brazilian model Alissa Salls is a proof that in love, anything is possible! The couple met while Alissa was modeling for Oliver’s clothing brand, Drop Dead, and the rest… it’s history.

We contacted the girl’s father, Luiz Salles, to find out more about what it’s like to be Oliver Sykes’ father-in-law. We had a super cool and exciting chat!

The first part of the interview is available at Letícia Lima’s website, from Diário de Shows. The end, you can read below:

Family Christmas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Reproduction: Luiz Salles (Instagram).

We know that fans can be very warm! Alissa was already an international model when she met Oliver. Has the singer’s entrance into the family changed anything in your life?

That’s what I told you, we live a peaceful life here, so when they are with us it is the same. What really changed was seeing the family grow, our family with the family from England, we have a wonderful relationship, we always chat. As for their fans, we treat them with the greatest affection, both in person or at social media.

Reproduction: Luiz Salles (Instagram).

How was Oliver and Alissa’s wedding for you?

They were really born to each other, when I first talked to Alissa about Oliver, she told me that she found her soulmate, so it was natural.

Oliver Sykes and Alissa Salls on their weeding. Reproduction: Pinterest.

What did you think of Mother Tongue, considering that the song was made for Alissa?

I thought the song was beautiful on itself, and being made for my daughter, I can’t describe it, very heart touching, really. Oliver is a wonderful person that lives in my heart, as well as the whole family, and I believe the song was a declaration of love for us.

Salles family at Bring Me The Horinzon’s concert, Lollapalooza Brasil. Reproduction: Luiz Salles (Instagram).
Oliver Skyes handwriting. “Fala Amo”, line of Mother Tongue, means “Say I Love You” in portuguese. Reproduction: My Mug Collection.

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